DETOX When Stress “Bites”

The daily grind of everyday life, what I call life’s stress fractures tending to work, family and all our responsibilities can take its toll & break down even the best of us.

Your ability to tackle mundane & extraordinary stresses is dependent on your energy reserve. You see, the food you eat or avoid can build or deplete your body of energy as you attempt to tackle life.

For the short run, detoxing your stress— using my book’s nutritional, physical, emotional & spiritual strategies build & refortify your body with energy; cleanse it of harmful stressful environmental & emotional toxins & refuel you for dealing & healing from life’s stress marathons. The DETOX can help you clear the nutritional, physical & emotional toxins that hold you back from thinking clearly; provide you with focus, determination & strength.

If you’re flying solo on your DETOX challenge, keep in mind:


Contrary to popular belief, the detoxification process requires calories which drive the entire 2- step process through the gut & liver. A fasting detox is NOT the optimally healthy approach & can actually be harmful & dangerous. Prolonged fasting can weaken the muscles and other organs, while leaving the body depleted.


While my book’s DETOX is whole food based, includes all the nutrients required to sustain health while “cleansing” be prepared. You might feel worse before you feel better.

Headaches, nausea, diarrhea and muscle pain are common when toxins are mobilized and excreted. If you feel ANY medical issues beyond some of the common symptoms STOP immediately, SEEK medical, nutritional & emotional guidance before proceeding.

Needless to say if you have any medical issues, are pregnant or younger than 18 years old, you may not be ready to detox without medical supervision.


Detoxification is complex process that requires your undivided attention. Phase 1 starts in the gut, Phase 2 in the liver. Your gut is the #1 defense for protecting your body against toxins that enter the body. If your gut fails & toxins get passed your intestinal armed forces due to poor dieting & lifestyle habits, the liver comes to the rescue but at a price. Any toxins not arrested/processed by the gut are delivered to the liver for combat & removal.

Without optimal or complete detoxification through the liver & your body can harbor the toxins for decades, often at the risk for developing the top chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, metabolic disease & Alzheimer’s just to name a few. Therefore, it is imperative that you get specific vitamins, minerals & nutrients from food & supplements if necessary to efficiently & successfully remove harmful toxins.

Foods which help to propel the detoxification process in the gut & liver include antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, anti-inflammatory healthy fats such as omega 3s, electrolyte fortified fluids such as coconut water & green tea, and phytonutrient packed foods including cruciferous veggies, berries (see Blueberries and Cream post). Pre & probiotics support the gut. Exercise that breaks a sweat accelerates toxin removal through the skin, but watch out for the bite of detoxification!

Research suggests that about 20% of us are more prone to getting bit by mosquitos especially after exercise. Stress sweat, the perspiration of exercise attracts mosquitos to lactic acid, ammonia & uric acid flushed out in sweat.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

A complete DETOX can take up to a couple of weeks or months so hang in.

Sometimes cleansing with fresh foods and fluids can eliminate the buildup of years of emotional and physical residues from previous stressful events. If you need a hand to hold to walk you through your DETOX see your doctor, therapist, nutritionist or anyone that can support you through your DETOX. Send us an email and share your experience.

If you’ve been watching the Tour d France bike race, think of the DETOX as the “drag” cyclists encounter on the bike. The DETOX cuts, tightens & clears your issues like it clears the drag of clothing, body & bicycle parts, anything that holds them back from moving faster ahead. The DETOX is like legally drafting off the cyclist ahead of you—clearing your path, accelerating your speed to get to your destination of optimal health.

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Disclaimer: The information that you receive via this website/ blog is not intended to replace medical advice or be a substitute for medical or other professional assistance with your diet or health. Before embarking on any lifestyle change program, consult your personal physician. If you are taking a prescription medication, you should also consult your physician before making changes in your diet, exercise, eating behaviors or lifestyle habits.

Please also keep in mind, if your stress circumstances exceed your emotional resources; the burden is far beyond your abilities to cope with the situation and/or if the stressor is a threat to you or your loved ones then please seek professional help by calling 911, the legal justice system or a licensed professional counselor or medical doctor to help you to deal & cope with the situation.