holiday stress

Bouncing Back from the Holiday Stress: Resolutions and Winter Weight Gain Woes

The holidays have come and gone.  Though the smell of peppermint and spruce may still be lingering in your home, the trees, gift-giving, and hosting duties have left us in 2013.  However, what still may be hanging around are those pesky lb.’s gained by indulging in some honey baked ham, sugar cookies, and seasonal cocktails. … Read more »

DETOX When Stress “Bites”

The daily grind of everyday life, what I call life’s stress fractures tending to work, family and all our responsibilities can take its toll & break down even the best of us. Your ability to tackle mundane & extraordinary stresses is dependent on your energy reserve. You see, the food you eat or avoid can… Read more »

“Cramping Your Style”

“Cramping Your Style” Gotta love the heat and humidity in Miami 24/7 nearly 12 months a year—not!   What I do love about my hood’s weather is how it makes SoFlo tough competitors; stressing our bodies in a good way, training us to withstand the daily stresses of life—for me tackling 34 marathons (PR 2:52), the… Read more »

Greens with Envy

“Greens with Envy” The best part of what I do as a Performance Nutritionist is finding solutions for men & women to help them attain & maintain their personal best in health, sport & life. The results often lead to amazing accomplishment whether it’s winning Wimbledon, the Tour de France or even the Olympic Gold…. Read more »

“Cheese is Ice Cream Without the Sugar”

“Cheese is Ice Cream without the Sugar” My graduate school professor, Dr Penelope Easton said and I never forgot her words. Actually, this comment made sense to me.  Not because of any heavy science, but culturally as a European descendent, I understood and grew up appreciating cheese as a delicacy. In fact, it is typically… Read more »