What is Stress?

You know when you feel stressed when anything places an energy overload on your world— environmental, or personal, which exceed your physical and emotional resources. It could be as minimal as the sound of a neighbor’s dog barking while you’re trying to sleep, or your car breaking down on the way to an important meeting.

Stress could be real or it can be perceived—you can physically react to a threat whether it’s by watching reports of an impending hurricane, a potential terrorism plot, or looming crime in your neighborhood the same metabolic way as if it was going to happen to you in real life. After all, stress is your personal experience and regardless, our reactions evoke and require the same energy needed to get through them.

Regardless, stress zaps your physical energy, robs you of enjoyment, peace, and happiness; denies you the joy of accomplishment; can cause conflict, personal injury, or dysfunction in your social, sexual, and emotional life; destroys your self-confidence; leads you to unnecessarily worry—obsess about the issues, people or events event associated with the stressor.

Take a moment to think about your stress tank. Is it in your shoulders? Face? Head? Neck? It’s almost 100% certain that by the time a person reaches old age, you can easily tell the type of life they’ve lived by their facial wrinkles, body position, overall disposition and health. How do you want to look later in life? Take a snapshot in your mind and think about how good it will feel to learn about strategies to calm or energize your body during stressful times with the strategies in this book.

Learn more about your stress before it gets the best of you.

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