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Greens with Envy

“Greens with Envy” The best part of what I do as a Performance Nutritionist is finding solutions for men & women to help them attain & maintain their personal best in health, sport & life. The results often lead to amazing accomplishment whether it’s winning Wimbledon, the Tour de France or even the Olympic Gold…. Read more »

Welcome to My Blog, StressSweat ©

Cheers to Tackling Stress One Drop at a Time! My new blog is intended to help you understand, sort out, deal & heal with everyday & extraordinary stress….Lord knows you’re not alone! At StressSweat©, you’ll find research-based explanations & resources to help you eat, exercise & emotional equip yourself with practical strategies; energize & empower yourself as you tackle… Read more »

StressSweat – Blueberries and Cream

May through August is blueberry season. Blueberries remind me of a delicious snack my mom used to prepare for us to share when I was a little girl—blueberries with a dollop of sour cream & sugar sprinkled on top. To me, this dish combined my favorite food elements—fresh fruit, dairy and sweet cane sugar. Decades… Read more »