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DETOX When Stress “Bites”

The daily grind of everyday life, what I call life’s stress fractures tending to work, family and all our responsibilities can take its toll & break down even the best of us. Your ability to tackle mundane & extraordinary stresses is dependent on your energy reserve. You see, the food you eat or avoid can… Read more »

“Cramping Your Style”

“Cramping Your Style” Gotta love the heat and humidity in Miami 24/7 nearly 12 months a year—not!   What I do love about my hood’s weather is how it makes SoFlo tough competitors; stressing our bodies in a good way, training us to withstand the daily stresses of life—for me tackling 34 marathons (PR 2:52), the… Read more »

Greens with Envy

“Greens with Envy” The best part of what I do as a Performance Nutritionist is finding solutions for men & women to help them attain & maintain their personal best in health, sport & life. The results often lead to amazing accomplishment whether it’s winning Wimbledon, the Tour de France or even the Olympic Gold…. Read more »

“Cheese is Ice Cream Without the Sugar”

“Cheese is Ice Cream without the Sugar” My graduate school professor, Dr Penelope Easton said and I never forgot her words. Actually, this comment made sense to me.  Not because of any heavy science, but culturally as a European descendent, I understood and grew up appreciating cheese as a delicacy. In fact, it is typically… Read more »